Website Terms and Conditions of Use:
Date : June 03, 2021

1. We require your agreement to the regulations in this document in order to offer you with excellent service.

2. We'll let you know as soon as your services are up and running! Unfortunately, we must occasionally reject or suspend our services for maintenance.

3. We have to update this agreement on a regular basis. To check when it was last updated, look at the top of the page. To indicate us that you accept the changes, simply continue to use our services.

4. You must continue to provide services until the end of the original period. HostBread maintains the right to terminate your service at any moment, although we don't wish to do so! You are responsible for all liabilities arising from your material. It is responsible to you to migrate your material to another provider if we have to cancel our arrangement.

5. Maintain the secrecy of your log-in information! Make sure your email address is up to date as well. Email is how we communicate the majority of the time. Also, be cautious about disclosing account details. You are responsible for all activities on your account.

6. Not HostBread, but you own all of your stuff. Simply put, you're allowing HostBread to link your content to the internet. The provisions of this agreement apply to any additional software we provide you. We hope you enjoy using HostBread, however there are certain legal restrictions regarding the use of our names and trademarks. Before you do that, contact us. It is possible that misuse of our service will cost us money. If you cause harm as a result of your usage, you may be required to pay our legal expenses.

7. You agree to the Acceptable Use Policy of HostBread (AUP). We're working to develop a better, safer internet, so please read this section carefully. Illegal content, such as child pornography, must be avoided at all costs. We delete such materials quickly and collaborate with authorities to keep kids safe. We also expect you to take precautions to prevent kids from accessing potentially hazardous content on your websites. When copyright infringement is brought to our attention, you give us permission to limit public access to your files or data.

8. Spam is something that no one enjoys! You agree to follow the Anti-Spam Policy of HostBread.

9. Service fees must be paid in advance. It assists us in keeping our network operational. We will have to cease services if you decide to cease paying for them. Taxes may apply to our services depending on where you are situated. These will be covered by the fee. Coupons can help first-time consumers save money!

10. We do everything we can to keep your information safe! There is always the possibility of data loss due to real-world circumstances such as volcanoes and asteroids. We recommend that you have a solid backup plan in place for your initiatives.

11. It is critical to have healthy systems. We may have to ban or rate-limit certain services if you have too many processes running amok. Our attorneys also asked us to include a condition in which you pledge not to harm HostBread in any way. You're surely aware of what that entails: hacking, causing damage to our systems, or reverse engineering them. We will have to charge you for overages if you use too much bandwidth.

12. Our SLA defines HostBread's uptime guarantee. To be eligible for credit, you must submit an uptime claim within three days.

13. During a specified term, your service fees will not vary. Prices on the website are subject to change at any time!

14. You agree to indemnify HostBread and its affiliates if you violate our agreement.

15. We make every effort to give the finest service possible, but we are unable to offer a warranty. We recommend having a robust backup strategy in place because we can't be liable for your data.

16. You agree not to hold HostBread accountable for any losses incurred as a result of your company or website's activities.
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